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Hellebore ( October 2006 )
When mother nature and technology grows out of control.

A government experiment has escaped and is functioning as it was designed to do. Now, a government agent and the scientist that created it must find it and stop it before it's too late.


Directed By Robert Eldon
Written By Brian Dillon
Robert Eldon
Produced By Robert Eldon
Director of Photography Ignatius Fischer
Jaron Eldon
Edited By Jaron Eldon
Assistant Director Brian Dillon
Music and Sound Jaron Eldon
Boom Operators Kenneth Jackett
Ken Huskey
Darryl Medley
Creature Costume Design Kelly Eldon


Man With Dog Jaron Eldon
Nugget Daisy the Dog
Sandy Jane Heller
Todd Ryan Laughlin
Special Agent Hill Richard Boosey
Dr. Peters Brian Duyst
Agent Anders Brian Dillon
Agent Bush Brian Chennault
Agent Green Charles Doell
Agent Photographer Darryl Medley
Hellebore Creature Jason Netka

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