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Quiet Harbor Studios is continually involved in the production of short films and feature motion pictures. Here, you can see projects that Quiet Harbor Studios has been involved with or are currently in production, and what stage of production they are in.

To see a full list of films that we have been involved with, click here for credits .
Pickles and Ice Cream ( July 2009 )

A valiant husband sets out to satisfy his wife's midnight cravings.

A pregnant wife asks her husband to go out and get ice cream... and pickles. Being her hero, he sets out on a quest, fraught with struggle, disappointment, and danger. Will he seize his prize and return home to his adoring wife?


Solecism ( June 2008 )

Time flies when you're having fun... or not. What happens when your world gets too busy to keep track of everything that is important?

A co-production with Edgen Films. A short film by Justin R. Durban.

You've Got to Start Somewhere ( June 2008 )

A short thing about those little things we want to say.

Two people are getting together for the first time…alone…on a date. They are both getting ready, trying on outfits; and as they do, we get a glimpse of their true thoughts and feelings about one another.

The Arrangement ( February 2008 )
Matthew can't talk to girls. He's on a mission to tell the girl at the bookstore that he likes her... with flowers. At the flower shop, Matthew meets Rose, a sweet and helpful florist. Together, they learn that love finds you when you're not looking.

Swords ( Production On Hold )
"Swords" is an internet serial intended for collection and release on DVD. Five minute episodes produced with local talent and local crew, shot with 24p Panasonic cameras. Production value can increase as episodes are filmed.

In Association with Witness Pictures.

Hellebore ( October 2006 )
When mother nature and technology grows out of control.

A government experiment has escaped and is functioning as it was designed to do. Now, a government agent and the scientist that created it must find it and stop it before it's too late.

Writer's License ( 2007 )
A successful writer of children's books receives a letter he believes invites him to the execution of his mother's killer. As he begins to celebrate he reads the letter - and learns the killer has died in prison of natural causes. He has been looking forward to this event as closure and now, deprived of this, he begins to write the execution. When he is unsatisfied with his first attempt, he tries once again to regain what he has lost.

A co-production with Angels Flight Films.

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