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A quiet harbor is a place of refuge from a storm. A quiet harbor is a place of commerce. A quiet harbor is a place where stories are told, stories of adventure, tragedy, mystery and romance. A quiet harbor is a place where journeys begin and journeys end.

Quiet Harbor Studios represents two generations of creative talent in cinema. Whether you are looking for a producer or distributor of films or need assistance getting your creative vision produced for the big screen, Quiet Harbor Studios can help. View our list of film credits.

The motion picture division of Quiet Harbor Studios is continually in the process of creating short films and features. Check out our film section for more information.

Quiet Harbor Studios can provide production and post-production services. Production assistance from Quiet Harbor Studios can include equipment as well as professional services to enhance or supplement your project. Post-production services include editing, sound scores and music.

Quiet Harbor Studios is available to produce commercial and promotional videos for business. If you’re looking for a way to promote your business or organization, a visual presentation on CD can have an effective impact.

Quiet Harbor Studios has resources available with other creative talents in the industry. If you have a need, ask us and we’ll find the best solution for you. We can draw upon additional resources to fit your needs or ‘hook you up’ with a specialist that you can work independently with.

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